Ways to Celebrate Your Soon-to-Be Graduate

It’s spring, which means the weather is finally starting to warm up and we’re starting to see flora bloom again. On top of all of this, students are preparing for the end of the school year. Graduates in particular are anticipating their final exams and graduation. Help them celebrate the end of a chapter in their life with thoughtful graduation gifts from our church supplies at St. Jude Shop.

Create a Coming-of-Age Photo Album

In the age where everything is digital, a tangible keepsake will mean the world to your graduate. They won’t need WiFi or to sign into a social media account to see it — they’ll just need to pull it down from the shelf.

Compile an album of photos of them from each school year leading up to their graduation photos. This is a great way to commemorate how far they’ve come. You can even choose a couple of special photos to frame in a “Then and Now” photo frame from our shop of church supplies.

Remind Them What Will Guide Them Through Life

Graduation is a huge accomplishment and something exciting to celebrate, but your graduate may be feeling anxious about what comes next. Remind them of the most important things that will keep them on the right path with this Life Compass Key Ring or Life Compass Pendant.

Instead of N, S, E, W, the directions on the Life Compass say G, K, F, and F. These stand for God, knowledge, friends, and family — the four things your graduate needs in life to guide them and bring them comfort.

Spend Quality Time Together

Celebrate your graduate by spending quality time with them. Go out for coffee, take them to lunch, or partake in another activity that you both enjoy. Take a few moments to praise them for all that they’ve accomplished, ask what their plans are for the future, and — if they ask — offer any advice you have on the time of their life that they’re experiencing.

This can also be the perfect time to give them a gift of time with Jesus, like this devotional written specifically for graduates. Your quality time together is a great segue into how spending time in devotion with Jesus can also help them navigate their life after graduation.

Give Them New Freedoms

Your graduate has proven that they’re capable of fulfilling responsibilities and other goals that they have. Now is the perfect time to bestow new freedoms on them to show that you recognize all that they’re capable of. Allow them to plan a cross-country trip with their friends, lift their curfew, or just simply give them your blessing for them to make their own decisions in life.

Let Them Purchase What They Want

Sometimes the best gift is one where the receiver gets to decide what the gift is. This is what makes the concept of a gift card unique and special. At St. Jude Shop, we offer a DiCocco Family gift card that your graduate can use to purchase church supplies from our store or products from our affiliate, Gifts with Love.

Find the Perfect Gift from St. Jude Shop

Whether your student is graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from our shop of church supplies. If you’re a clergy member, consider purchasing these graduation gifts from St. Jude Shop for your congregation to buy for their graduates.