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What do Catholic Boys Wear for First Communion?

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First communion is a very special occasion for Catholic boys. They get to dress up in their first suit and tie and celebrate becoming closer to God. At St. Jude Shop in Havertown, PA, we have a wide selection of first communion boys' suits that will make them look and feel their best on this important day. Continue reading to learn more about the proper dress code for first communion and to see some of our favorite suits for boys.

Khaki Suit

Khaki Suit

Most first communion celebrations take place in the springtime, so it's important to choose a suit that is both stylish and appropriate for the season. A light khaki suit would be perfect for first communion in the spring. It's important to make sure that the suit fits well and is comfortable, as boys will be wearing it for several hours on the big day. St. Jude Shop offers a khaki five-piece boy's suit for first communion that includes a jacket, pants, vest, tie, and dress shirt. This is a great option for boys who need a complete outfit.

All White

All White

It is traditional for boys to wear all-white clothing for first communion. This can include a white dress shirt, pants, and jacket. If you choose to go with an all-white outfit, we recommend adding a touch of color with a pastel tie or pocket square. Boys can also wear a white sweater or vest over their dress shirt for a more formal look. To make choosing an outfit easier, you can view the St. Jude Shop's white boy's suits for communion! Our five-piece set will make it easy for your boy to look his best.

Black Suit

While all-white is the most common color choice for first communion, boys can also wear black suits. A black suit is a good choice for boys who prefer a more formal look. If you choose a black suit, we recommend pairing it with a white dress shirt and colored tie. Our five-piece black first communion boy's suit is the perfect option for your little one to look dashing on this special day, without having to worry about putting together a complete outfit.


There are many accessories you can add to your little boy's suit for first communion. A key piece is a first communion tie. Ties come in many colors and patterns, so you can choose one that matches the suit or shirt. Another popular accessory for first communion is a rosary. Boys can wear their rosaries around their necks or carry them in their hands during the ceremony. Some churches require boys to wear white gloves or armbands, so be sure to check with your church before the big day. Communion pins are also a nice accessory and can be worn on the lapel of the jacket or shirt.

To make sure your boy looks his best on first communion day, shop at St. Jude Shop! We have a wide selection of boy’s suits for first communion in many different colors and styles. With our five-piece sets, it's easy to find everything you need for your boy to look his best. Choose from all white, black, or khaki suits in sizes six through 20. Don't forget to add a first communion tie and rosary to complete the look! When you're looking for religious stores in Havertown, PA, look no further than St. Jude Shop! Visit us online or in person today.

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