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Why Is Visiting America Part Of Pope Francis' Papal Duties?

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The pope has three significant duties, as told by the Church Authority Organization.

  • Supreme Pastor
  • Unifier of the People of God
  • Prime Witness to Faith

Each and every thing the pope does is in accordance with one of these duties. These papal duties are significant to the world because he is a successor of Peter, appointed by Jesus, to look after and care for the people. Let’s look at how Pope Francis’ papal duties are fulfilled in his visit to the United States…

Supreme Pastor

First and foremost, the pope is a representation of the Church, of Christ, and of the people. He is the leader of it all, including us here in the States (duh!). It is a priority of the pope to get to know the people and how each person interacts with the Church, Christ, and each other. He is the organizational point for all Catholics. He is the ultimate leader and example for the Church.

Unifier of the People of God

The Church is not in just one place. It transcends borders and finds people of all regions. It’s the pope’s duty to ensure all of these believers are connected. Yet it wasn’t until recent years that the pope has voluntarily traveled to see the people. It started with Saint John Paul II and has continued with Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis. The greatest accomplishment for unifying people is seeing the people and bringing ideas from one area to the next. There are many things Americans can learn from Catholics around the world, and many people can learn from Americans. It’s important that, as one Church and one Body of Christ, we all work together to proclaim the goodness. Pope Francis is the Pope for the People.

Prime Witness to Faith

The Church has continued for over 2,000 years because the successors of Peter, as shepherds, have continually proclaimed the Word. It is Jesus’ message that resonates with the people, and it is the pope’s duty to always stand as a witness to the faith. Whether it’s through preaching or teaching, the papal duty to share the faith is extremely important. During his time in the United States, Pope Francis has stood and spoke with President Obama, Congress, and United Nations while proclaiming faith and his beliefs. It’s not with a political agenda that Pope Francis makes these statements but, rather, that he speaks from his heart.

There are many tasks set for the pope each day, but it is within these three realms that his papal duties lie. We are happy to have the opportunity to witness his faith, love, and teachings so closely. To commemorate Pope Francis’ time in the United States, head over to our shop for some religious goods that honor the pope.

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