Fontanini Kneeling Angel Nativity Figure

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At 18 inches tall, this modestly-sized Fontanini Kneeling Angel Nativity Figure can bring heavenly grace to your nativity for church or home. Order yours from St. Jude Shop! 

  • Made from scratch-resistant resin and stone mixture 

  • Painstakingly crafted with high attention to detail

  • Great for indoor and outdoor nativity scenes

  • Dimensions: 18" H x 12" W x 14" D

This medium-sized Fontanini Kneeling Angel Figure is perfect for your nativity at church or home. From it’s towering wings to its expressive hands, the angel is delicately adorned with weather-resistant paint, making it great for indoor and outdoor nativities alike. The angel is kneeling on one knee and leaning forward to witness the majesty of Baby Jesus. Check out all of the breathtaking Fontanini nativity figures available from St. Jude Shop, and order yours today!