Rachel, Nativity Figure 50 inch Scale

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This 50-inch Fontanini figure offers a stirring portrait of Rachel as she bears fresh fruits for the Son who lays in the manger.   

  • 50 inches tall 

  • Constructed with a striking and durable marble-based resin

  • Crafted with incredible attention to detail

  • Showcases Rachel in traditional dress bearing a fruit basket for Jesus

Add some variety to your large nativity set with this 50-inch nativity figure of Rachel. Draped in beautiful, traditional clothing and bearing an ample basket of fresh fruits, Rachel looks lovingly over her shoulder in awe of her new-born Lord and Savior. This stunning Fontanini figure will make the perfect addition to your large nativity set at church or at home. Check out all of the nativity figure collections from St. Jude Shop to find the best accompaniments for Rachel, and order the Rachel Nativity Figure today!