Holy Trinity Paschal Candle

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Celebrate the Easter season with the exquisite Holy Trinity Paschal Candle from The Sculptwax Collection by St. Jude Shop. This beautiful candle, proudly made in the USA, is meticulously crafted with hand-decorated artistry and contains 51% Beeswax. Its sublime design and intricate details make it a perfect addition to your Easter celebrations. The Holy Trinity Paschal Candle is more than just a candle, it is a symbol of the Holy Trinity and a reminder of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. With its elegant appearance and high-quality ingredients, this candle is sure to enhance the solemnity and beauty of your Easter services. Bring the light of Christ into your home or place of worship with the Holy Trinity Paschal Candle, a true masterpiece from The Sculptwax Collection by St. Jude Shop.


  • Made with 51% Beeswax, a traditional and high-quality material known for its clean and long-lasting burn

  • Hand-decorated with precise artistry, adding a touch of elegance and spiritual significance

  • Wax appliques are cast by hand, ensuring each candle is unique and showcasing intricate designs

  • A time-tested applique process guarantees durability and long-lasting beauty

This Holy Trinity Paschal Candle creates an ambiance of reverence and spirituality. Its mesmerizing blend of religious symbolism and craftsmanship immerses you in the joyous celebration of Easter. Share the illuminating light of faith with your loved ones, as this candle symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


  • 51% Beeswax

  • Handcrafted in the USA