Merciful Lamb Altar Candles

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Merciful Lamb Altar Candles
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Introducing Merciful Lamb Altar Candles, the perfect complement to the Paschal Candle "Merciful Lamb," available at St. Jude Shop. Designed to enhance the sacred atmosphere of your Catholic church, these candles symbolize the glorious ascension of Christ.


  • Premium quality wax

  • White candle with beautiful blue band

Lighting the Merciful Lamb Altar Candles creates a profound sense of reverence and spirituality. As the gentle flame flickers, it illuminates the symbolic journey of Christ's ascension. The warm glow infuses your sacred space with a sense of divine presence.


  • Sizes: 1 ½” x 17” | 2” x 17” | 2 ½” x 12” | 3” x 12”