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This beautifully crafted piece is perfect for displaying statues of Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or other devotional items, adding a touch of spirituality and grace to any church interior. The Pedestal is made of high-quality wood that ensures durability, making it a lasting investment for any church. The simple design allows any items being displayed on the pedestal to be the focus of attention. Add this elegant piece of church furniture to your Catholic church today to create a dynamic display for all your devotional items and imagery!


  • Wide, Square Platform
  • Stable Base
  • Simple Design
  • Easy to Place

The simple design of the pedestal complements any church décor, adding a touch of beauty and serenity to the environment. Create a truly inspiring and breathtaking atmosphere for your congregation by adding this piece of church furniture to your collection today!


  • 36" Height
  • 12" Width
  • 12" Depth