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This wooden Pulpit is a perfect addition to any church or worship space. Crafted from premium quality wood, it features rectangular trim columns and an extended shelf for a lamp and a microphone. There are two internal shelves for storage, and the book rest measures 24” W x 21” D. This pulpit measures 40” W x 24” D x 46” H, and is a great choice for churches seeking high-quality furniture. St. Jude Shop guarantees satisfaction with this product. Order today! 


  • Pulpit with rectangular trim columns, extended shelf for lamp and microphone

  • Two inside shelves for storage

  • Available in a variety of wood finishes 

Constructed from premium wood, it features a rectangular trim column, an extended shelf for a lamp and microphone, and two inside shelves for storage. This high-quality church furniture is sure to make a great impression and provide lasting style and function.


  • Measures 40"Wx 24"D x 46"H

  • Book rest measures: 24"W x 21"D