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Enhance the spiritual experience of prayer and a sense of Christ’s presence with a true chapel monstrance. This antique monstrance is a great addition to your chapel. With the consecrated host as the focal point, you can enhance the host and prayer throughout mass, without the distraction. Ready for every Sunday mass, this chapel monstrance beautifully compliments your service and prayer. With a sturdy and large base that is designed with care, you can ensure long-lasting durability for years to come. Get a fixed luna and cast base along with a gorgeous chapel monstrance to enhance your prayer experiences. Fit for thabors and monstrance stands, you can place this monstrance in a variety of different designated locations and it will still fit wonderfully, with or without a stand.


  • 24K gold plated

  • Fixed luna

  • Cast base

  • Intricate details

Add to your adoration and prayer times with our St. Judes Shop, Chapel Monstrance! With a fixed luna and cast base, this monstrance can be placed almost anywhere. Enjoy high-quality monstrances and enhanced prayer experiences. 


  • 7 ½ inches in height

  • 2 ¾ inch fixed luna

  • 3 inch cast base