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Introducing this two-tone, gold-plated reliquary from the St. Jude Shop online Catholic store. This religious item for your church sanctuary or private place of worship features a detailed silver-plated cross on the back door of the three-inch opening. Standing just over seven inches tall, this exquisite reliquary is designed to enhance your spiritual space.


  • Feel the assurance of quality and craftsmanship

  • The dual-tone finish adds a touch of elegance

  • The silver-plated cross on the back door provides a beautiful contrast

  • This timeless piece will become a cherished symbol of your faith

Elevate your church's ambiance and create a space where worshippers can connect with their spirituality. Shop with St. Jude Shop and view all our religious items!


  • Height: 7-1/2"

  • Opening size: 3" for larger relics

  • Dual-tone design with gold and silver plating