Come to Jesus - A Kids Book for Eucharistic Adoration

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Jesus is a friend like no other.  He always cares, always listens, and is always ready to help - and in the Eucharist, Jesus is always with us.  This lovely book introduces children to the concept of spending time with Jesus in Eucharistic adoration. Includes three visits to Jesus in the Eucharist, featuring prayers, Bible stories, and illustrations. Each prayer outline is divided in three parts: Jesus our Way, Jesus our Truth, and Jesus our Life. Includes notes for adult prayer leaders, practical recommendations for using the book with groups, and a list of Eucharistic adoration resources. Also includes a section of basic Catholic prayers, the mysteries of the Rosary, and how to pray the Rosary. Kid-friendly design makes this book easy and fun to use! A wonderful. affordable resource for families, schools, and parish groups.