St. John Neumann, Prayer Card and Pewter Medal, 473

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Set includes a 3" X 5" vinyl folder with removable oxidized medal.  1.125" Genuine Pewter Saint Medal on a Stainless Steel Chain. Silver Embossed Pamphlet with Patron Saint Information and Prayer Included. Biography/History of the Saint and gives the Patron's attributes, Feast Day and Appropriate Prayer. (3.25"x 5.5")






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    This is unlike any religious item I’ve ever experienced

    Posted by Jaclyn Bedient on 22nd Jul 2022

    I’m not one to write reviews often but this item is seriously deserving and unlike any item I’ve ever encountered. I had purchased this as a gift to my father for his birthday. It ended up coming a day after my fathers birthday and so instead of opening the package myself to just end up rewrapping it, I just handed my father the envelope and told him to open it. My father had been wanting one of these for so long but I found that it was a rather difficult or more rare item to find. So I was just really exited to be able to find this item here and purchased it immediately. I can’t really describe it but as soon as my father opened the envelope and pulled this out… I know this is going to sound crazy but I felt as if a jolt of energy had hit me. I immediately felt some type of strong energy that was just radiating off of it and around me and it made me feel overwhelming emotions and I almost felt as if I was going to start involuntarily crying tears of joy for some unknown reason. All the emotions I felt were all good emotions but I just wasn’t expecting any of that in the slightest. I didn’t say anything though cause I was trying to process and make sense of that whole experience and I started to second guess myself and then ended up dismissing the whole experience. Later on I went to bed as usual and I started randomly having a dream about the prayer card. I was seeing this prayer card on an alter with a thick, magnetic beams of bright white light illuminating around it and it was so bright, it was filling up the whole room. It made me feel as if I was completely whole and it eased all my anxieties, fears and I felt this sense of overwhelming love and so much more. When I woke up… I thought maybe me dreaming about the item was just a reflection and my brain trying to process and make sense of what I had felt when I had seen the item the previous day.. When I had seen my father later that morning I blurted out “ I had the strangest dream about that prayer card last night” he stopped what he was doing and turned around and looked at me and said that he too also had a dream about the item. He said in his dream the Saint had came to him and that when the Saint came, that he instinctively just starting praying and thanking him and then felt this energy wash over him of enlightenment…It could be a coincidence sure but I just don’t believe that nor could anyone convince me it’s just a coincidence. There’s something very powerful and mysterious about this item and it definitely lives up to its name and I’m a believer. Seriously from day one of just seeing the item as a bystander it was just radiating so many wonderful things I can not truly describe. I will admit I’ve never experienced any thing of the sort with any other religious item and/or prayer card I’ve ever had. I’ve personally had many different types of rosaries, prayer cards and little relics but I’ve never felt anything so divine (That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed any of the items I’ve ever had or obtained but this is the first religious item I’ve ever experienced where I could literally feel something so mysteriously wonderful literally radiating off the item. It was a neat but strange and unexplainable experience and I couldn’t have asked or expected anything more). It was just supposed to be a small thoughtful gift for my fathers birthday and it ended up being something so unbelievably mind blowing. This medal and prayer card I’m convinced is very powerful, that it’s almost overwhelming in the best way possible. I loved it so much and it literally has blown my mind so much that I will be buying more. One for myself and others for a couple of family members…