St. Francis and Pope Francis-Prayer, Poverty and Joy in Jesus

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ST FRANCIS AND POPE FRANCIS, Prayer, Poverty and Joy in Jesus by Alan Schreck, PHD. What do a medieval Italian Catholic and a twenty-first century Argentine pope have in common? The certainty that encountering Jesus can change your life and the world. The author considers the times and message of both St Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis and invites you to experience the same freedom and joy that they have found in Jesus.  Softcover - 176pp.  St Francis and Pope Francis brings together themes that are central to the mission of both these men:
  •   Conversion - their stories are different but their message the same: turn to God
  • - Prayer - union with Jesus is for everyone
  • - Poverty - the imitation of Christ heals and restores
  • - Church - faithfulness is the foundation for renewal
  • - Mission - the same in every age: share the Gospel
  • - Joy - the hallmark of Catholic life and possible for us today