Single Kneeler, 2522

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The Single Kneeler from St. Jude Shop is an elegant and functional piece of church furniture designed for personal prayer and reflection. The kneeler provides a comfortable and supportive space for individuals to kneel and connect with their spirituality. Crafted from high-quality materials, this single kneeler is built to last and withstand daily use. Its sleek and simple design makes it a perfect addition to any religious space. Incorporate it into your Catholic church today to help your congregation connect with their faith.


  • Solid Oak Construction
  • Medium Oak Finish
  • Super-Foam padding
  • Easy to Assemble

The Single Kneeler from St. Jude Shop is an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practice. The kneeler's comfortable design allows individuals to focus on their prayer without discomfort, encouraging a deeper connection with their faith. If you are looking for a durable and elegant kneeler that will enhance your spiritual practice, the Single Kneeler from St. Jude Shop is an excellent choice.


  • 33" Height
  • 18" Base
  • 22" Width
  • 5" Shelf