Mary, Help in Hard Times, Stories and Prayers

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No matter what challenges we may face in life, Mary is always there to help us.  We can go to her with confidence, knowing she will not let us down. People turn to Mary in hard times, when illness strikes; when the debts pile up; when doubts disturb faith; when loved ones go astray; when the heart seeks solace. Let the prayers and real-life stories of how others have experienced Mary's intercession open your heart to the care she can provide for you.  Mary: Help in Hard Times is a combination of history, stories, and prayers in an approachable, practical size. Divided into three distinct sections, the book’s first segment discusses four key moments of Mary’s life. The second section contains personal stories of Mary’s intercession, and the book closes with various Marian devotions and prayers. There are also the reflection questions after each section.