Surviving Depression, A Catholic Approach

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Kathryn Hermes

After experiencing a stroke during a surgery, Sister Hermes was left with a long road to recovery. On top of her physical frustrations, she was also diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) which is a type of bipolar disorder. She writes this book from her own experiences with depression. As she says in the introduction: "I am not a psychologist. I am not a theologian. My claim to credibility in writing [this book] is that I have been seriously depressed and have spent a lot of time struggling with God in my depression. I know depression from the inside. I know the spiritual anguish it brings. I know the loneliness, the isolation, the fear of "losing it," and I believe one truly understands depression not by studying or reading about it, but by living with it."

Depression can strike anyone, even those deeply committed to living the Christian life. This fresh, reassuring approach to living through depression proposes aspects of the Catholic tradition as a support for surviving even the darkest times.

This book includes:

Encouraging stories of others who have lived with depression
Psychological, medical, spiritual and practical self-care perspectives
Tips for friends and family of the depressed
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