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Final Steps to Planning Your Baby's Baptism From Our Catholic Supply Store

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We would all love our child's baptism to go as smoothly as possible, and there are certain steps that need to be taken to ensure that it happens. If you read our Catholic supply store's last blog, then you already know about the first couple of steps to plan your baby's baptism. The following is a list of the rest of those steps:

  • Plan the reception- After a baptism, it is customary to have a reception where friends and family can celebrate. You don't need to pull out all of the stops for this. A small get together with punch and finger sandwiches will do just fine!
  • Ask your baby's godparents- The godparents that you choose should be the people that you trust to lead your child towards a life serving the Lord. If the godparents that you plan to ask are already Catholic, then your job is easy, but if they aren't then you need to ask your church if non-Catholic godparents are acceptable.
  • Pick out the baptism gear- You will need to find a baptismal outfit for your baby, usually in white. We suggest buying one fancy outfit and a backup, just in case. Find out from your church about anything else that you may need. 

Your child's baptism is one of the biggest days in their young life, and who doesn't want that day to be extraordinary? Don't leave the big day up to chance. Ensure that everything goes smoothly by following the steps that we have created for you.

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