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Preparing to Celebrate Palm Sunday: A Guide for Families

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As Palm Sunday approaches, Catholic churches and families around the world will be preparing to celebrate Holy Week. As Catholic parents, it's important to find ways to share the joys of this special week with children and make them a part of the celebration. Here are some ideas for Catholic families that want to honor Holy Week with their kids, and order supplies for Palm Sunday from St. Jude Shop today!

Decorate Your Home or Church With Catholic Religious Items

Here at St. Jude Shop, we offer a variety of Catholic church supplies like banners, candles, and crosses that you can use to decorate your home or church in anticipation of the week's events.

Attend Palm Sunday services together as a family

Attend a Palm Sunday service and teach your children about the importance of the day. Talk to them about why Catholic church services take place on Palm Sunday and what it signifies.

Spend Time in Prayer Together

Spend time in prayer together as a family throughout Holy Week. Take some time each day to read Catholic scripture passages, sing Catholic hymns, and talk with your kids about how Jesus' life and death changed the world.

Attend Easter Service

Attend Catholic Easter services with your family. On Easter Sunday, take your children to an Easter service at a Catholic church so they can experience the joy of this special day in a spiritual setting.

Make Crafts

Try making Catholic crafts together as a family during Holy Week. Catholic religious items can be used to create Catholic crafts like paper crosses and Easter eggs. Have your kids decorate them with Catholic symbols and colors to bring the Catholic faith alive in their minds and hearts.

Decorate with Palms

On Palm Sunday, Catholic families often decorate with fresh palms to commemorate Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. You can get fresh palms from Catholic supply stores like St. Jude Shop and have your kids help make decorations with them.

Celebrate Holy Thursday and Good Friday

Catholic families often celebrate Catholic traditions on Holy Thursday and Good Friday to remember the death of Jesus. On Holy Thursday, you can recite Catholic prayers together as a family, bake Catholic treats like unleavened bread, and decorate an altar with Catholic religious items in remembrance of Jesus' last supper. On Good Friday, Catholic families often fast and remember the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

Order Catholic Religious Items from St. Jude Shop

By celebrating Holy Week as a Catholic family, you can create cherished memories that will last for years to come. Catholic families around the world can make use of Catholic church supplies from Catholic stores like St. Jude Shop to honor this special time of year. With these ideas, Catholic families can make the most out of Holy Week and instill Catholic values in their children. Celebrate the Catholic faith with St. Jude Shop this Easter season!

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