Adjustable Standing Advent Candle Holder, K611

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This Adjustable Standing Advent Candle Holder is the perfect addition to your church, as it provides several different options to celebrate and recognize the Christmas season. Use these pieces from St. Jude Shop’s religious store provides a different display of the well-known holiday and advent candles. 


  • Two-tone satin finish

  • Adjustable head for straight or uneven appearance

  • Candle holders rotate in place and will stay upright as you adjust the stand

If you’d like to customize your Advent candle holders, this piece is for you. With an adjustable head, so you can determine the angle of the candle holder, you can keep the tray flat for a traditional look or rotate to the side slightly for a more elegant look. This adjustable stand features a self-leveling head as well and can be furnished with 1 ½-inch candle sockets or adapters for oil candles. Please specify which you would like when you order from our Catholic store!


  • Height: 48 inches to 55 inches (tilted)

  • Ring diameter: 21 inches

  • Base: 12 inches

  • Two-tone satin finish

  • Candles not included