Advent Tabletop Candle Holder, 3964

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Advent candles are one of the most cherished ways to celebrate the Christmas season, so why not make them the centerpiece of your table? Whether it’s part of your church’s Christmas decorations or your home’s seasonal decor, you can be sure that this Advent Tabletop Candle Holder will be a winter highlight. Order yours today!


  • Four candle platforms fitted with spikes for easy candle insertion

  • Different height platforms for visual variety

  • Matted black frame

  • 16-inch diameter

This Advent Tabletop Candle Holder displays four candles at a time, each one representing a week of Advent. The bright light from the candles also symbolizes the anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. When combined with the chic design of this advent candle holder, the result is a decorative piece that’s both meaningful and beautiful.


  • Candles not included

  • 16-inch diameter

  • Candle platforms fitted with spikes

  • Platforms situated at different heights