Crystal Chapel Monstrance K982

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This Catholic Monstrance is straightforward and has just the simple features you need. It also has an elegant, gold-plated design that is nestled atop a beautiful crystal node incorporated into the base. It provides a fixed luna in tandem with a small decorative crystal node and is the perfect size for small and intimate services. This minimalistic ostensorium is perfect for any chapel or at-home cathedral to present and bless the eucharist.


  • Gold-plated finish
  • Crystal node base
  • Small chapel size
  • Elegant design

A Catholic monstrance usually has three rings at its base, which are used to support an ornamental cover called the "luna". In this chapel-style design, the rings have been substituted for a stunning crystal node, which elevates the luna holder and is the perfect compliment to a chapel thabor. The minimalist style of this ostensorium lends itself perfectly to churches and chapels with small congregations or services during the week that doesn’t call for a larger monstrance.


  • Height: 7 1/4"
  • Base width: 3”
  • 2-3/4" fixed luna