Quadrate Bronze Tabernacle

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The Quadrate Bronze Tabernacle is unlike any other cabinet you have ever seen. It is a work of art that will be treasured by your community for generations. This tabernacle is made out of solid bronze with a high polished finish.


  • White silk lining

  • Aromatic cedar

  • Independent action doors

  • Vault locks

  • Oven-baked finish

  • Supplied with two keys

This premium cabinet features action doors that open independently for easy access. The interior is lined with white silk and comes equipped with aromatic cedar inserts to keep your Blessed Sacrament fresh, as well as vault locks for security. And, to ensure long-lasting durability, this tabernacle is oven-baked. Order yours now and rest assured your Eucharist is in good hands!


  • Measurements: 22.75" H x 18.75" W x 15” D

  • Door opening measurements: 14.375" H, 14.25” W