Variable Bronze Tabernacle

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What better way to carry your love for God than in the form of His Holy Communion? Our Variable Bronze Tabernacle is perfect, with durable bronze material and double action doors that protect it from any hazards. Made in the USA, this eucharist tabernacle comes with two keys and features a vault lock.


  • White silk lining

  • Comes in five size options

  • Double action doors

  • Vault locks

  • Oven-baked finish

  • Supplied with keys

  • Artistic painting available

For an additional cost, you can have an artistic painting completed on the tabernacle's door. To create a truly unique item, we'll work with you to create a custom door that perfectly captures your spiritual devotion. Order today! Contact us for more information.


Available measurements:

  • 29" H x 13" D

  • 32" H x 15" D

  • 36" H x 17" D

  • 44" H x 20" D

  • 53" H x 25" D