When Jesus Walked, The Politics in the Times of Jesus

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The endless quarrels between the Jews do not concern him. But there are forces at work, subtle forces, that surpass his understanding. It is his duty to witness the death of Jesus and the birth of Christendom. The many books written on the subjects of the life of Jesus usually view the event in Jerusalem at His death from the Christian or Jewish point of view. When Jesus Walked looks at some different facets: 

  • Roman internal politics
  • The internal poliitcs of the Jewish High Council
  • The power struggle between Herod Antipas, Pilate, and the High Priest of Jerusalem.
  • The realtionship between the Roman, Jews, Idumeans, and Greeks.

All of these point of views are woven into the story of Phlons, the Centurion of Rome, who lived WHEN JESUS WALKED