Following Jesus

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What the New Testament Teaches Us.  Enrich your Year of Faith

Becoming a disciple of Christ was no easy task in the time of Jesus and it continues to be the ultimate challenge.

It is about combining one's head and heart to not only become His student in an intellectual sense but also "conforming" to His person, imitating His sacrificial love and, by means of faith and baptism, actually taking on His identity as the Son of God.

This book from renowned Catholic biblical scholar Daniel J. Harrington is divided into four parts, each of which deals with six key New Testament passages relating to the theme of following Jesus.

  • Part One: Hearing Jesus' Call in the Synoptic Gospels
  • Part Two: Growing in Appreciation of Jesus in John's Gospel
  • Part Three: Paul as a Disciple of Jesus
  • Part Four: Other Ways of Being a Disciple of Jesus

Harrington brings the concepts home in an accessible and actionable way through simplified summaries at the end of each section, along with the proactive Think, Pray, and Act reflections and Ten Points on Discipleship for support and guidance.