Mother Cabrini, A Heart for the World Children's Picture Book by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

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Discover the world of Francesca Cabrini in this moving book that not only educates children about a remarkable person in American history, but inspires them with stories of her compassion, courage, vision, and miracles.

The first American citizen to be canonized, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini rescued forgotten children, even from the dark, damp sewers of New York City, and provided them with safe havens, loving comfort, and a quality education. Within these endearing pages, children will encounter characters much like themselves—little heroes who joined Mother Cabrini in her mission to establish orphanages, hospitals, and schools across the United States, Central and Latin America, Europe, and beyond.

Through captivating storytelling, this book introduces young minds to the incredible journeys of a woman who, despite her frailty, overcomes countless challenges to bring God’s love to the poor and forgotten. Even though Mother Cabrini was afraid of water, she received the strength to sail across the ocean more than two dozen times!

Featuring the vibrant artwork of Richard Cowdrey, Mother Cabrini’s work comes to life on every page. Cowdrey is a New York Times bestselling children’s book illustrator, fine artist, author, speaker, and educator. Richard lives in the heart of Ohio’s Amish community and enjoys traveling across the country to speak at schools and encourage students to find and refine their gifts. As children journey through the beautifully illustrated pages, they’ll be inspired to develop the compassion, bravery, and faith in God to empower their own adventures ahead.   

Like Francesca Cabrini, author Claudia Cangilla McAdam is a five-foot-tall Italian American Catholic woman. Her award-winning books for children and teens invite them to explore the virtues, build character, and deepen faith. She lives in Colorado, not far from the mountain where Mother Cabrini established a summer camp for girls in the early 1900s. Cabrini’s compassion, commitment, and creativity inspire Claudia to strive to become a saint, too. Visit her and request a free Discussion and Activities Guide for this book at

Angel Studios is proud to produce this children’s book. The major motion picture, Cabrini, is the powerful true story of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant religious sister who arrived in New York City in 1889 to battle disease, crime, and corruption on behalf of impoverished children. Mother Cabrini built an empire of hope unlike anything the world had ever seen!