Thabor 681

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This high-quality, gold plated Thabor is the perfect addition to any house of worship. It can help bring a greater touch of beauty and reverence to your church. We at St. Jude Shop are certain that your congregation will fall in love with this holy vessel. Make this piece a perfect addition to your sermon today!


  • Two-Tone Bright and Satin Finish

  • 24k Gold Plating

  • Three Oxidized Silver Angels

Your congregation will truly be moved by the beautiful artistry behind this unique and stunning Thabor. The care that went into its production is worthy of presenting all of his followers with the Holy Sacrament. Find out for yourself how this Thabor can help to move all of the members of your Chapel of Blessed Sacrament when you get one for yourself. 

Purchase all of your Catholic supplies from an organization devoted to quality and praising the Lord at St. Jude Shop now!