Thabor 404

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The right Thabor can make the perfect addition to any house of worship. It will leave your congregation feeling the glory and majesty of the Lord and last for years down the line. This piece is beautifully-constructed and truly encompasses the beauty of faith and the Catholic tradition. Get yours today.


  • 4 Adoring Angels

  • Made with Oxidized Silver

  • Carefully Constructed

This beautiful fixture helps to increase the power of any sermon and is sure to boost the faith of every member in your congregation. Experience the difference that a piece of spiritual art can make when you get a Thabor for your church now.


  • 24k Gold Plated

  • Dimensions:  9"H., 17"W., 9-1/2" table, 23-1/2" base

  • Weight: 30 lbs

Get all of the supplies that you need for a beautiful Catholic House of Worship when you buy your Thabor from St. Jude Shop today!