Thabor - K186 | Monstrance Stand | Thabors

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With our Thabor - K186 | Monstrance Stand | Thabors, you get a three-footed monstrance stand that is beautifully gold-plated. It has a two-tone bright and satin finish, with a scroll design on the legs. As the consecrated host is the focus of the monstrance or ostensoria, the thabor enhances the spiritual experience. The thabor is perfect for showcasing the monstrance luna for prayer, adoration, meditation, and a sense of Christ’s presence. The simplistic design is perfect for enhancing the spiritual experience and not distracting from it. It also complements any cathedral décor. Our Thabor - K186 | Monstrance Stand | Thabors is an essential part of prayer and worship and we are honored to offer it to you.


  • Gold plated

  • Two-tone, bright satin finish

  • Scroll design on legs

  • Three-footed thabor

Discover a simplistic gold-plated thabor that's ideal for most monstrances or ostensoriums. This three-footed monstrance is ideal for displaying the monstrance luna during prayer, adoration, meditation, and moments when you feel Christ's presence. The unembellished thabor won't distract from your spiritual experience and makes a complementary addition to your chapel décor. At Ostensoria, we're proud to carry this monstrance stand and other essential worship supplies.


  • 4 ½ inches in height

  • 6 inches in diameter on top plate