Wall Pedestal-4G16

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This beautiful wooden Wall Pedestal is perfect for displaying and accentuating your favorite religious artifacts. It comes in three sizes with a rosette insert and a steel wall hanging plate. The 7-inch height, 10-inch width, and 9-inch depth size are great for small spaces, while the 10-inch height, 14-inch width, and 13-inch depth size are perfect for larger spaces. The 14.5-inch height, 20-inch width, and 19-inch depth size are ideal for larger churches or places of worship. The wooden pedestal is available unfinished or finished, so you can customize it to fit the look and feel of your church. It is the perfect addition to any church, chapel, or home décor. The Wall Pedestal from St. Jude Shop Church Furniture will be a beautiful and timeless addition to your space. Order today! 


  • Comes complete with a rosette insert in a recessed panel 

  • A steel wall hanging plate is supplied with each bracket

  • Choose your size and finish 


The pedestal is made of high-quality wood, and is available in finished or unfinished options. The top is decorated with a beautiful rosette insert in a recessed panel. The package includes a steel wall hanging plate for easy installation. This wooden wall pedestal is perfect for adding a stylish and timeless touch to your interior.


  • Pedestal comes in three sizes:

    • 7" height, 10" width, 9" depth or

    • 10" height, 14" width, 13" depth or

    • 14.5" height, 20" width, 19" depth