Monstrance Carrying Case - K706 | Ostensoria Carrying Case

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Monstrances should always be carried with care, especially during transportation. At St. Judes Shop, we are proud to offer our Monstrance Carrying Case - K706. With secure fastens that clasp in three different areas,  you can ensure your ostensoria is safe and properly protected. This monstrances carrying case is also completely lined with a beautiful purple/lavender velvet. This means your cathedral’s monstrances can be properly cared for and carefully protected. The velvet ensures no scratches or marks are caused during transportation, keeping it in optimal condition. This Monstrance Carrying Case - K706 | Ostensoria Carrying Case also fits your luna holder or thabors. Perfect for antique monstrances or modern ostensoria’s, this case can fit your set with ease and give you satisfaction during storing or transporting your monstrances. Complete your ostensorium set with our carrying case! 




  • Durable black carrying case

  • 3 secure fastens

  • 1 carrying handle

  • Velvet lined interior


Ensure the safety and protection of your monstrances with our Monstrance Carrying Case - K706. Fit for any design of ostensoria or monstrance, this case is lined with velvet and secured with fastens. Get easy storage and transportation with this carrying case! 




  • Fits monstrances with height of 29 inches

  • Fits monstrances with width of 16 inches

  • Fits monstrances with breadth of 12 inches