Ostensorium Carrying Case - K159 | for Monstrances/Ostensorias

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An ostensorium carrying case is a perfect way to keep your monstrance safe and secure. Made of lined velvet, this case has two fastens that keep the monstrance in place and a carrying handle for easy transport. The consecrated host is the focus of the monstrance and this carrying case will prevent it from breaking, scratching, or becoming damaged in any way. By keeping the monstrance in this case, you will be able to ensure the monstrances that enhance your prayer, adoration, and sense of Christ's presence are kept safe and secure. With this ostensorium carrying case,  you can be sure that your monstrance will be well-protected no matter where you take it. 


  • Durable black carrying case

  • 2 secure fastens

  • 1 carrying handle

  • Velvet lined interior

Whether you're traveling to a church service or simply moving the monstrance from one place to another, this case will keep your monstrance properly secured. Order your ostensorium carrying case today and rest assured that your monstrance is in good hands.


  • 18 inches in height

  • 11 inch face

  • 6.5 inch base