Monstrance - K687 | Ostensoria | 24K Gold Ostensorium

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When it comes to monstrances for your chapel, why not get the best? This Monstrance - K687 | Ostensoria is carefully gold plated with 24K gold. Standing a little over 2 feet tall, this ostensoria is ideal for even the largest cathedrals. Featuring a clip style and glassless luna hold that can easily hold a host size up to 5 ¾ inches, this ostensorium is great for any sized Sunday mass. It is designed with intricate details on the base that continue to lead up to the monstrance stand, which then leads to a decadent monstrance and luna.  At St. Jude Shop, we understand the importance that an ostensorium holds, which is why we offer such stunning ostensoria’s such as our Monstrance - K687 | Ostensoria | 24K Gold Ostensorium. 


  • 24K gold plated

  • Clip style, glassless luna hold

  • Intricate detail

Enhance the spiritual experience of prayer with our monstrances such as the Monstrance - K687 | Ostensoria | 24K Gold Ostensorium. Properly host the sense of Christ’s presence for your chapel! 


  • 25 inches in height

  • 6 ¼ inches in width / at the base

  • Clip style, glassless luna holds up to 5 ¾ inch host