Contemporary Monstrance

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When you want your congregation to feel more connected to the Lord, look no further than this monstrance with a contemporary design. This sacred object is perfect for displaying a consecrated Host as the golden rays surrounding the monstrance luna help to draw attention to the presence of Christ. Individuals can focus on the Monstrance when seeking guidance from the Lord, making it a valuable addition to any church. Make it a part of your place of worship today or explore our other designs!


  • Gold Rimmed Glass Luna
  • Ornamental Base
  • Case Included

Bring this monstrance into your church today and start providing your congregation with a deeper connection to the Lord. With the intricate floral wreath encompassing the luna and the golden cross prominently displayed on top, this monstrance displays the glory of God to all who see it.


  • 23 -inches High
  • Holds a 2 ⅔-inch Host
  • Gold Plated