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Find a classic and seamless designed ostensoria for your chapel with our Ostensorium K222. In a classic gold coating with four red crystals, this monstrance is stunningly simple. Use a monstrance that perfectly compliments your cathedral. Delicately designed with intricate details, this ostensorium is in a timeless style. This ostensorium is secured onto a base that is perfectly sized for any monstrance luna holder or thabors. It features a cross  placed in the center with an ideal place for your sacrament. This ostensoria gives you all you need for your precession. Providing beautiful embellishments and attention to detail, you are sure to be satisfied with your new Ostensorium K222.


  • Gold Plated

  • Contrasting Cross in Silver

  • 4 Ruby Glass Stones

  • Intricate Details

With a stunning gold color and a silver cross in contrast, this ostensorium is perfect for your chapel! It features four stunning ruby glass stones, similar to the crystals and stones used to surround the house of God's word/covenant. 


  • 24 inches in Height

  • 9 inch Base

  • 2 ¾ inches Secured Acrylic Glass Luna