Monstrance, K709

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A silver thorn wreath, backed by the rays of the sun, encompasses the luna of this monstrance, reminding all who see it of the Lord’s sacrifice for their sins. With its attention to detail and beautiful metal work, this consecrated host puts God’s glory on display for all to adore. Keep it present during mass or place it in the Chapel of Blessed Sacrament to help your congregation feel closer to God Almighty. Make it a permanent addition to your service today!


  • Thorn wreath made of silver represents the Lord’s sacrifice.
  • The monstrance is available with either a clip-style, glassless luna or with a secure, acrylic-glass enclosed luna.

This monstrance serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made to all those who look upon it. Beautiful and brilliant, this piece is sure to leave a lasting impression. Maintain its pristine condition by keeping it safe in a case when it is not on display.


  • This monstrance is 24K gold plated with silver plated highlights.
  • Accepts Hosts Up to 2 ¾-inches
  • Dimensions of the entire monstrance are 22 ¾-inches tall, with an 11 ½-inch face, and a 7-inch base.