Traditional Monstrance

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This monstrance, with its silver-plated layer of rich floral filigree over golden rays and red stone accents, is designed to provide the consecrated Host with a glorious display. Bold and brilliant, this sacred object can help your congregation feel more connected to the Lord and give them something to adore and venerate as they seek His guidance. Bring this sacred object into your church today, or explore our other monstrance designs to find the one that best fits the needs of your congregation.


  • Gold Rimmed Glass Luna
  • Sculpted Decorative Cross
  • Silver Plated Accents
  • Includes Case

Put the glory of God on full display with this magnificent traditional Roman monstrance. Whether you display it during your service or designate it to the Chapel of Blessed Sacrament, this monstrance is sure to help your congregation feel awe-struck by the Lord’s beauty.


  • 28-inches High
  • Holds a 2 ⅔-inch Host
  • 24K Gold