Monstrance - 122M | Gold Plated Monstrances with Colored Stones

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The monstrance, also known as an ostensorium or ostensoria, is a type of religious vessel used to display the consecrated host. The host, which is the focus of the monstrance, is typically a wafer-like bread that has been blessed by a priest and contains the body of Christ. This monstrance is made of gold-plated brass and has eight settings for stones of assorted colors. They are intricately designed with details that enhance the spiritual experience. This monstrance also features a contrasting silver cross on the top. Using a monstrance during prayer, adoration, and meditation is a way to create a sense of Christ's presence. The monstrance should enhance the experience and not distract from it. You can customize the stone color to match your chapel or church décor.


  • 24K gold plated

  • 8 stone settings in assorted colors

  • Contrasting silver cross

  • Intricate design

Encourage prayer with a  monstrance from our collection. Monstrances are a perfect way to display the consecrated host during prayer, adoration, and meditation. With intricate details and a gold-plated finish, our monstrances are sure to enhance your spiritual experience. You can even customize the stone color to match your chapel or church décor!


  • 13 inches in height

  • 6 inches in width / at the base

  • Clip style luna holds 1 ½ inch host