Ostensorium K2514

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If you are looking to help your congregation feel closer to the Lord, then this Ostensorium from St. Jude Shop is what you need. It is elegant, beautiful, and perfect for complementing any church. It is a proper vessel for displaying the consecrated Host for adoration and veneration from His followers.


  • 24k Gold Plated

  • Two-Tone Gold and Oxidized Silver

  • Cherubs and Wheat Encircle Luna Housing

At St. Jude Shop, we provide our customers with high-quality religious articles and church supplies for every occasion. This Ostensorium features a beautiful design that is a truly beautiful representation of the Lord’s glory. It is a vessel that you and your congregation can look upon and feel the power of the Holy Spirit. 


  • 20˝H., 11-1⁄2˝W., 6-1⁄2˝ base

  • Glassless, Clip-Style Luna

  • Holds 2-¾” Host

  • Available with a secured acrylic glass enclosed Luna for an additional charge.

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