Ostensorium - K155 | Small Monstrance Featuring Red Rubies

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An ostensorium is a type of religious vessel used to display the consecrated host during Mass or other liturgical services. The word "ostensorium" comes from the Latin word "ostendere," which means "to show." Made of gold-plated metal, featuring ornate designs and precious stones, this monstrance is used in chapels and other places of worship where the presence of Christ is especially desired. The consecrated host is placed inside the ostensorium's fixed luna, and worshippers can pray before it and sense Christ's presence. If you are looking for a beautiful and special way to display the consecrated host during Mass or other liturgical services, look no further than our Ostensorium - K155. Made of gold-plated metal with eight red rubies and a silver cross, this monstrance is sure to enhance your spiritual experience.


  • Smaller sized ostensorium for chapel

  • Secured acrylic glass luna

  • 8 ruby glass stones

  • Gold plated

  • Silver center cross 

  • Carrying case available (see product K159) 

Get the ostensorium today to help enhance the spiritual experience in your chapel. This monstrance is ideal for prayer, adoration, meditation, or a sense of Christ's presence!


  • 15 inches in height

  • 6 inches in width at base

  • 2 ¾ inch luna for host